Gateway-funded trials are particularly important in pediatric cancer. Cancer is the leading cause of disease-related death for kids under 15 in the U.S., but pediatric cancer research is underfunded by the federal government, and mostly ignored by pharmaceutical companies. One of the trials that Gateway has previously funded involved Tumor Paint, an imaging agent derived from the venom of an Israeli scorpion.

Tumor Paint is the first and only fluorescent imaging compound developed for pediatric brain tumors, and was evaluated for use in aiding surgeons in identifying and removing tumor tissue without unnecessarily removing normal brain tissue, which helps patients avoid permanent physical and intellectual disabilities. Tumor Paint has been shown to bind to a variety of pediatric brain tumors, and has significantly increased five-year overall survival as compared to study patients who did not receive Tumor Paint.

As you can imagine, this type of research is difficult to conduct, and costly to support. But we believe that funding such research is the shortest path to improved treatments – and hopefully a cure.


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